Our Refund Policy & How To Request a Refund

Issue: What is your refund policy? If I purchase a subscription and it doesn't work, how can I get my money back?

Hotspot Shield Refund Policy

All Hotspot Shield, all subscribers can request a refund within 45 days from the purchase date by contacting Customer Support.

(We apologize that iTunes and Microsoft Store Customers will need to contact the payment processor directly.)

Requesting a refund

Depending on how you purchased your Premium subscription, refunds will either be processed by AnchorFree or by the third-party payment vendor.

Refunds Processed by AnchorFree

We can process refunds for most payment methods, excluding charges processed through Apple or Microsoft. To ensure quick processing of your refund, please include the following information in your refund request:

  • The e-mail Address associated with your Premium account

  • The Premium Access Code received after your purchase

  • The Order Number for the transaction

To request a refund from AnchorFree, please submit a request.

Please be aware that we also offer free, personalized customer support through both live chat and email support. We're happy to help troubleshoot any issue before cancelling. 

Refunds Processed by Apple

If you paid through iTunes or through the App Store on an iOS device, please see the following articles:

How To Cancel Through iTunes
Requesting An iTunes Refund

Refunds Processed by Google Play

If you paid through Google Play as an Android user, please see How To Cancel Subscription in Google Play. We can process a Google Play refund as long as we are provided with the Google Play email address or Google Order number, which begins with GPA.