Why Is HSS Not Connecting?

We are sorry to hear that you are having problems connecting. Please confirm that you have the latest iOS version of our app on your device. If not, click this URL to download.

If you see the "No internet connection" error message, please confirm your internet connection is working before proceeding further. HSS includes 2 profiles: Always On and Manual. If you cannot connect when using the Always On profile, please switch to Manual and vice versa. Please scan below connection issues in bold blue text for the troubleshoot instruction that applies to your case. 

User connecting from a blocked country: At this moment, HSS is being blocked by the government of the following countires: Iran, China, Pakistan, Qatar, and Oman. This blockage issue may be the reason you are unable to connect to HSS.

Unable to Install Profile:

If you are unable to install profile, please try the below step(s):

1. Go to the Settings on your iOS device > Turn Airplane Mode ON and then OFF. Attempt to connect.
2. If you still cannot connect, please reinstall the HSS Profile, then attempt to connect.
3. If you still cannot connect, please reboot your iOS device, then attempt to connect.

Unable to connect when connecting to public wifi:

If you are unable to connect to HSS when connecting to a public wifi, please provide details regarding the wifi you are using to help us serve you better: 
- Institution where you are trying to connect and internet/wifi provider if known: (Example: STANFORD LIABRARY WIFI, etc.; Comcast)
- Does your wifi require password (secured) or not?
- Do you see any error message? Please provide with the screen shot of what you are experiencing.

Please try steps below to troubleshoot:

I. If your current settings - Always On Profile:
A) Please Switch to Manual Profile, if this does not work
B) Please switch from wifi to Data Plan

II. If your current settings - Manual Profile:
A) Please Switch to Always On Profile, if this does not work
B) Please switch from wifi to Data Plan

Please let us know if the steps provided above helped to resolve the issue, and if so - which steps.

Unable to Connect When Using Manual profile: 

If you are unable to connect to HSS when using 'Manual' profile and connecting to wifi, please enable PPTP on the wifi router to connect to HSS. If you cannot access the router because it is a public wifi, please install 'Always On' profile or connect to data plan to be able to connect to HSS.

You can manually turn HSS On/Off when using 'Always On' profile by creating a fictitious VPN profile to disable HSS manually. Please see below instruction to create a fictitious profile:

Settings->General->VPN->Add VPN Configuration->Type in a name for Description, Server, Account->Save->Select the fictitious profile to turn off HSS manually





If you still experience issues connecting, please click the "SUBMIT REQUEST" and fill out the Technical Issue form.

Please make sure to provide the following information in order to help us troubleshoot:

1. Are you on Wi-Fi or 3G/4G?
2. What country are you connecting from?
3. What is your device OS version?
4. Please visit http://findipinfo.com and let us know the IP address.
5. Is the IP/location displayed your real location or virtual IP location? (If a virtual location is shown, you are still under the protection of Hotspot Shield.)
6. Which virtual location are you selecting?
7. Are you using the Manual or Always On Profile?
8. What error message are you seeing when you are trying to connect: Establishing Connection, Connection Problem or other? (Please provide a screenshot.)
9. Please use the HSS Feedback Button to respond. (When using 'Send Feedback', most of the needed information will be automatically included in the body of your email.)


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