I paid via Google Play, but my account is expired on Android.

If you paid via Google Play, but your subscription wasn't updated on your Android:

  • first, verify that your payment was linked to your account, and
  • second, check that your signed in to your account from the Hotspot Shield app on your Android device

Learn how to fix “Account Expired” or “Protection Expired”

Clearing Hotspot Shield's app data

If your payment was linked to your account and you're signed in to your account from the Hotspot Shield app, then will need to clear Hotspot Shield's app data.

To clear Hotspot Shield's app data:

1. Launch Hotspot Shield on you Android device and disconnect the application.
2. Open your device settings and quit Hotspot Shield: tap Quit > OK.
3. Open your device settings.
4. Look for Applications Manager.
5. Find and tap Hotspot Shield.
6. Tap Clear data.

Tap Timer to disconnectShield icon  will be slashed and key icon will disappear


After you clear the app data, launch Hotspot Shield again and sign in to your Elite account.

If your subscription still hasn't updated, please submit a ticket and we'll take a look at your account.

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