Windows: invalid op code error

We're aware of the issue that effects a small amount of users who are not able to install Hotspot Shield on their Windows computers.

If you get an "invalid op code error," please try to reinstall Hotspot Shield as outlined below.

First, please clear your browser's cookies:

1. Clear your browser's cookies.
2. Restart your browser.


Please uninstall any Hotspot Shield version:

1. Uninstall the Hotspot Shield version you currently have installed.Please use IObit Uninstaller to remove Hotspot Shield from your Windows desktop. Learn how to uninstall with IObit Uninstaller 

2. Reboot your computer.

Proceed to Install

1. Download the Hotspot Shield for Windows .
2. Right-click the installation EXE file and choose Run as administrator.
3. Reboot your computer.

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