When I turned Full protection off, I see "Auto Shield." What does this mean?

Auto Shield is the easiest way to gain Wi-Fi security and access when you need it most.

It sends selective traffic through our servers based on the set of rules:

  • When you enter an unsecured Wi-Fi location, Auto Shield will automatically turns on the protection to secure the traffic.
  • When you try to access a blocked network, Auto Shield will automatically unblock it so you can access the content.

At other times, the VPN is kept off. So you don't need to worry about turning it on and off every time, or changing locations to unblock content.

The shield icon is blue when Auto Shield is working.

Some details:

  • Auto Shield only unblocks selected sites and apps we have white-listed. If you find a geo-restricted site you want to access with Auto Shield, please tap "Unblock selected sites" > "More sites" and register the domain.
  • If you want to disable auto protection for unsecured Wi-Fi, tap the Menu icon on top right > "Settings" and uncheck "Protect unsecured Wi-Fi".
  • Auto Shield only encrypts HTTP traffic under unsecured Wi-Fi. Email from native apps and chat messages etc. are not encrypted.
  • "Unsecured" Wi-Fi means Wi-Fi without password, or only protected by WEP. The definition may change over time
  • When auto-unblocking a network, Auto Shield only tunnels the specific network. Other traffic does not go through Hotspot Shield servers
  • Even if the protection is not activated (e.g., under secure Wi-Fi), the "VPN key" icon shows up on the top bar of your device.

How is "Auto Shield is on" different from "Full protection is on"?

If you want to control when to turn on/off VPN, or want to keep you private all the time, turn Full protection on.
If you just want the app to automatically protect or unblock when it's needed the most, leave Auto Shield on so it takes care for you.

When Full protection is turned off, Auto Shield becomes active.

Full protection: Ultimate privacy and access anytime

  • VPN is enabled to encrypt all traffic in and out from your device
  • All traffic goes through Hotspot Shield servers
  • Your IP address is always masked to protect your privacy
  • The Shield icon on top bar is green

Auto Shield: Convenient way to obtain security and access when it's needed

  • It is running in the background; VPN is off until it auto-enables protection
  • It selectively sends traffic through our servers based on the set of rules, as oppose to sending all traffic
  • Upon detecting an unsecured Wi-Fi, it automatically starts protecting HTTP traffic and masking your IP address
  • It automatically unblocks the networks we white-listed or you have registered.
    To register a new site to auto-unblock, tap "Unblock selected sites" > "More sites" and register the domain
  • The Shield icon on top bar is blue

How do I switch from Auto Shield to Full protection?

Just tap "Full protection" switch when Auto Shield is on.

How do I know if Auto Shield turns on protection or not?

You will get a green shield notification. Please check your device's notification drawer.

What can I do in the "Unblock selected sites" page?

You can select what type of apps and sites you want to unblock automatically in Auto Shield status.
In "More sites" tab, you can add specific sites you want Auto Shield to detect and unblock.  


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