Why is my connection speed slow?

Your connection speed varies depending on when and where you are connecting from, as well as the content you are accessing.

Hotspot Shield encrypts and compresses your network traffic. Encryption provides you with additional security but may slow down loading speeds. Compression reduces the amount of data that is transferred, which may increase loading speeds.

If you think your connection speed is too slow, try reinstalling the Configuration Profile per the steps below:

1. Tap on the Hotspot Shield icon to open the application.

2. Tap the arrow to the top right of the Protected/Not Protected Message at the top of the panel.

3. The Privacy Protection screen will pop up.

4. Select the Always On Profile.

InstallAlwaysOn1.PNG   InstallAlwaysON2.PNG

5. Follow the Profile Installation screens.

InstallAlwaysON3.PNG InstallAlwaysON4.PNG InstallAlwaysON5.PNG    

6. Enter your 4-digit security passcode if prompted and complete the profile installation.

InstallAlwaysON6.PNG InstallAlwaysON7.PNG InstallAlwaysON8.PNG
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