I am an elite user. Why Do I see Expired Screen?

If you have purchased a Hotspot Shield subscription on your iOS device via iTunes, your account will update automatically.

However if you have purchased Elite Subscription via any other payment method or from a different computer/mobile device, you will need to relink your iOS device to your Elite account to update membership information.

This issue can easily be fixed by unlinking your device and logging in again with your Elite account credentials.

Please follow the steps below to log into your correct account:

I. Unlink your iOS device: Go to Hotspot Shield Panel > My Account> Linked Account> Unlink Device.

II. Link your iOS device:
1. Open Hotspot Shield application.
2. Hotspot Shield Warning Screen "This device is not linked!" opens with 2 buttons: "New Account" and "Existing Account".
3. Tap "Existing Account" (For new users tap "Create Account").
4. "Sign In" screen opens > enter valid login/password (For new users: "Sign In" screen opens > create valid login/password)
5. Follow Profile Installation Prompts.
6. Profile Installed. You will see the dashboard after connecting.
7. Dashboard should display updated membership information with extended expiration date.


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