Mac DMG: Hotspot Shield Settings

Mac DMG Start Guide

The menu for the Mac settings of Hotspot Shield is located on the top of the screen. Here you have 4 tabs:

Protection: This is where you can see which virtual location you have selected. You can pause Hotspot Shield. You can test protection. You can see Data In and Data Out and you can see when your subscription expires. This is the main window for the application.

Share: This tab allows you to share your Hotspot Shield experience with your friends. You can even earn rewards such as gift cards, laptops, free Elite membership and more for sharing with your friends and family. You can also rate our application!

Preferences: In this tab you will be able to configure general settings such as whether you want the application to start automatically on start up of your system. You can also configure for how long you want to app to pause when you hit the "Pause Protection" button. You also have access to the Network Detection Setting from this tab where you can choose what level of protection you desire:

  • Warn: If selected it will let you know automatically when you are about to connect to a new or unknown network.
  • Always On: This will turn on Hotspot Shield automatically every time you are connecting to a new or unknown network.
  • Manual: If this option is selected it will not warn the user about new or unknown network connections, but it will try to restore previously dropped connection from a known network if Hotspot Shield was turned on when connecting to that network.

Take a Tour: This tab will take you to a page where it will explain the features of other GUI components and their functions.

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