Windows: What is the speed difference between Free and Elite?

Often we have users inquire about the speed differences between the Free Edition of Hotspot Shield and the Elite Edition. There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. The speed will vary from user to user. Factors like ISP (Internet Service Provider), your actual download and upload speeds, the physical distance to the server, your actual location, time of day, and physical hardware can all have positive as well as negative effects on the speed.

Below is a sample of speed test results that show the difference between the Free Client and the Elite Client. We are only able to show speed tests for United States Virtual Location as Free Edition of Hotspot Shield does not provide any other Virtual Locations.

Windows Hotspot Shield Free Client:

Windows Hotspot Shield Elite Client:

In case you have a free account, you can try an Elite account for free here.

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