Uninstalling from Windows

In order to uninstall Hotspot Shield from your Windows computer, you will first need to go to the Control Panel.

To get to Control Panel on Windows 8 and up,  press and hold the "Windows Key" and at the same time hit the "I" key. This will bring up the menu on the right side where you will be able to navigate to Control Panel.

For older Windows versions, go to the Start Menu and select Control Panel from there.

Once you have Control Panel open, you will need to open up "Programs and Features". Be sure to have the view set to "Small Icons"

Now  locate and select Hotspot Shield Application in the list of installed programs and click "Uninstall/Change".

You should now see the Uninstall Manager Window open up. Click Uninstall.

Wait for the Uninstall Manager to finish uninstalling the application. It will say "Complete" when uninstall is finished. Once it says "Complete", click the "Close" button.

Now you need to restart your computer and you are done!

If you still have the Hotspot Shield Toolbar installed on your machine, you can refer to the How to Remove HSS Toolbar article for assistance.

You can also use Revo Uninstaller to remove Hotspot Shield from your Windows Device. For help with that process refer to This Article.

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