Why am I being asked to enter a VAT ID?

If you live in the European Union and place an order through Digital River/eSellerate, you will be charged VAT. You do not need to enter a VAT ID unless you have VAT-exempt or VAT-deferred status.

Digital River/eSellerate is obligated to collect VAT on orders from customers in the European Union; except for customers who can demonstrate VAT-exempt or VAT-deferred status, or certain orders that include only shippable/physical products.

The EU statutes require collection of VAT on the sale of electronically-supplied goods and services to customers located in the EU; therefore, some orders for physical products may not have VAT applied.

If you’re not exempt, don’t enter anything. If you are not exempt from paying VAT, leave the VAT ID field completely empty/blank. Entering 0s or 'n/a' will cause an error.

Enter your real address. VAT is applied based on your location. Entering a fake address to avoid paying VAT:

  1. is illegal,
  2. may result in your card being declined by the issuing bank, and
  3. may result in your transaction being declined by eSellerate.
Omit the two-letter country code from the beginning of the VAT number when entering it on the Web Store. The store server will automatically add this when it attempts to validate the ID.

Purchasing on behalf of organizations

If you are purchasing on behalf of an organization that has a VAT-exempt or a VAT-deferred status, enter the organization’s VAT number. The eSellerate store servers automatically contact the EU's VAT validation Web service in real-time to validate the VAT ID when the customer clicks Checkout.