Release 3.32 for Windows 1/17/2014

We have released version 3.32 for Windows as installer for new users.

New version introduces a few major UI and Functionality changes.

Now Hotspot Shield for Windows has 2 Modes available:

I. Maximal Mode: 

The conventional “Maximal” mode keeps Hotspot Shield VPN on to give you the privacy, anonymity and security all the time.

  - has the same functionality as previous Hotspot Shield versions (ability to switch virtual locations, malware protection)



II. Auto Mode:

This is a brand new way of protecting you only when it’s necessary. We automatically detect when you are connected to an unsecured Wi-Fi, then turn Hotspot Shield VPN on. You don’t need to worry about turning it on and off every time when changing your wifi/physical locations. We’ll take care of that for you.

  - keeps you protected when you are connected via unsecured (public without password) wifi; 

  - does not provide virtual location options (your real IP will not be hidden); 

  - provides connection at better speed; 


When do you want to use Auto Mode?

We recommend to keep Auto Mode ON at all times to keep your browsing session, private information & e-mailing activities secure. When you need to use VPN features and access US, UK, Australian or Japanese content, then, please, switch to Maximal Mode.  

To download new 3.32 version of Hotspot Shield, please visit or If you are already an Elite Member, please first sign in at and then download from your dashboard via corresponding button for Windows. 



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