Does Hotspot Shield have data bandwidth-usage limit?

Only Free users are imposed a bandwidth-usage limit. If you are a paid Premium subscriber, you have unlimited bandwidth.

Please purchase an Premium subscription for unlimited bandwidth. 

Bandwidth-usage limit for Free users

Hotspot Shield's Free Edition is ad-supported and this helps to cover the costs to run the service. However, some content, such as video from streaming sites, use a large amount of bandwidth and increase server costs.

To keep our Free services running, we implemented the following bandwidth limitation on mobile and desktop platforms:

  • Bandwidth/Data Cap on Android and Mac is 500MB per day and resets every 24hrs.
  • Bandwidth/Data Cap on Desktop is set to 500MB per day and reset every 24hrs. 

When the bandwidth limit is reached, Free users are prompted to pay or wait for a specified amount of hours until the cap is reset.