Does Hotspot Shield have data bandwidth-usage limit?

Only Free users are imposed a bandwidth-usage limit. If you are a paid Elite subscriber, you have unlimited bandwidth.

Please purchase an Elite subscription for unlimited bandwidth. 

Bandwidth-usage limit for Free users

Until recently, Hotspot Shield did not have any bandwidth/data limitations.

Hotspot Shield's Free Edition is ad-supported and help cover the costs to run the service. However some content, such as video from streaming sites, use a large amount of bandwidth and increase server costs.

After analyzing our costs, we discovered that 10% of Hotspot Shield's Free users were using 50% of our total bandwidth.

To keep our Free services running, we implemented the following bandwidth limitation on Android and desktop platforms:

  • Bandwidth/Data Cap on Android is 256MB per day and resets every 24hrs.
  • Bandwidth/Data Cap on Desktop is set to 750MB per day and reset every 24hrs. 

When the bandwidth limit is reached, Free users are prompted to pay or wait for a specified amount of hours until the cap is reset.

For Free users only:

  • Share-with-Friends wall appears at 500MB. You will have no access to video sites for 24 hours. You will be given the option to share Hotspot Shield with 10 friends to restore access.
  • Bandwidth wall will appear at 750MB. You will be disconnected after 5 minutes, and your bandwidth cap will be reset after 24 hours.
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