Connecting to Wi-Fi that requires accepting Terms and Conditions

Please follow the steps to get your iOS device working on Wi-Fi hotspots that have a sign in the portal or require you to accept Terms and Conditions before you can use the network. This typically happens in cafes, hotels, airports, and schools.

1. Reinstall Hotspot Shield Profile:

    • In the Hotspot Shield app, tap Settings > Re-install Profile
    • Follow the onscreen instructions to install a new profile

2. Open Safari using the Wi-Fi network.  Sign the Terms and Conditions or Sign In to the network and go to your favourite site to make sure you are signed on correctly.

3. Open the Hotspot Shield Application.  You will see the message "Connection Problem: Reset the Configuration Profile to fix this problem". Click "Install Confirmation Profile" and follow the prompts to install the profile.  

The VPN service will turn on and protect your connection.   

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