Why can't I connect to public wi-fi network?

Issue: I cannot connect to Hotspot Shield from a public wi-fi connection such as a coffee shop.

How to Connect to Hotspot Shield From A Public Connection

If you are trying to connect to Hotspot Shield from a cafe, hotel, or airport, you most likely need to enter a password to access the public wi-fi connection. Make sure you have logged into the network first and Hotspot Shield second. 

Please make sure that you have accepted all of the Terms and Conditions that might be presented to you before you can use the network. 

If you are trying to sign in from school or from your office, double-check that the network administrator has not blocked VPNs on the network. 

If you are on an iOS device and still cannot connect, please try the following: 

1. Reinstall the Hotspot Shield Profile

  • In the Hotspot Shield app, tap Settings > Re-install Profile
  • Follow the instructions to install a new profile

2. Open your browser.  Sign into the public wi-fi network.

3. Reconnect to Hotspot Shield and sign into your Premium subscription.