How do I link new Windows/Mac device to my Hotspot Shield Elite Account?

With a single Elite Subscription you have the ability to add up to 5 devices across Windows/Mac/Android and iOS platforms to your account.

If you have a valid Elite Account and wish to add a new desktop device to your account, please follow the steps below:

1. Log into your Elite account at with valid username/password from the device you wish to link to your account.

2. Your Dashboard will open with your linked devices.

Depending on the platform you wish to download Hotspot Shield on to: click Download on Windows or Mac.

3. Follow installation prompts and Start Hotspot Shield by clicking on Connect button.

4.Log in to your HSS Elite Account from the app by clicking on 'Sign In' (or 'Switch to Elite' button).


5. Now HSS will upgrade to Elite and your device will get linked.

Please DO NOT try to redeem your license again on the new device - you will get an error message 'License is already in use.."

Now you should have 'Elite' Label next to Hotspot Shield and 'Sign Out' button on HSS control panel. This device has been successfully added.


If you have already downloaded HSS to your new device but it is running in Free Mode - please log in to your HSS Elite account - click on 'Sign In' button and enter your username and password in the browser.

If you are seeing message that "Trial account expired" - you need to log out of this account and log in back with your Elite username and password.

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