Removing devices from your Elite account

With an Elite subscription, you can add up to 5 devices from any supported platform—Windows, Mac, Android and iOS—to your Elite account.

If you already have 5 devices linked to your account, you need to remove a device before you can add a new device. You can remove (unlink) a device from your account by signing out on that device or removing the device via your Dashboard.

To remove a device from your Elite account via your Dashboard:

  1. Sign in to your Elite account:
  2. In the My Elite devices panel, hover the mouse over the device you want to remove, and click Remove device in the pop-up box.

NOTE: it is now possible to remove the device that you signed in to your Dashboard from if Hotspot Shield is turned ON. A green “This device” bar will appear above the device you signed in from and there will not be an option to remove it.

In case you have a free account, you can try an Elite account for free here.

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